Some tips to help with humidity:
➢Put the furnace fan in the “on” position to continually move air in the home
➢If the home has an air recovery system, use it, adjust the setting based on exterior
➢Open a window 3-5 times per day for 10 minutes, specifically during cooking or when
more people are in the home
➢If the home has an April Air system, make sure it is set appropriately based on the
exterior temperature.
➢Ensure you have a good seal between skylight and sheet rock

Recommended interior relative humidity

-30 F or below–not over 15%

-20 F to -10 F –not over 20%

-10 F to 0 F — not over 25%

0 F to 10 F– not over 30%

10 F to 20 F –not over 35%

20 F to 40 F — not over 40%

(assumes 70 F indoor air temperature)

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