Can hail break my skylight?

As the world leader in skylights, VELUX stands behind our products with a promise of lasting service and quality. As such, we have a hail breakage warranty for VELUX skylights with Clean, Quiet & Safe glass, which comes standard on all of our No Leak Skylights. 

We’ve tested this glass in Australia, where some of the worst hailstorms happen. In our test center, hail balls roughly the size of a baseball were shot at the glass at speeds over 100mph, and the glass came out on top!

So, it’s not likely that hail will break your VELUX skylight. You are, however, eligible for a 10 year warranty that your VELUX Skylight with Clean, Quiet & Safe glass will not crack or break because of hail.

(2020, Feb. 3)
Click on the We’ve tested this glass in Australia. Let the video prove to you this is the best quality. 


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